Project details

All My Possessions for a Moment of Time revives a portrait painting of Queen Elizabeth I, entitled THE ARMADA PORTRAIT (three original versions from the 1500’s, most notably by George Gower), which documents in an allegorical and symbolic context one of the most well-known stories from the Elizabethan Era. Nestled within the appropriated lace collar of Queen Elizabeth, the silhouettes of Algonquins (as presented in Theodore de Bry and Thomas Hariots ‘A Brief and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia,’ 1588) stretch into a lace-like pattern. Drawing upon strategies of pattern and ornament, and the malleable possibilities of form and shape, this piece is part of an ongoing inquiry in an exploratory series of paintings and drawings that lift, excise, and appropriate the John White paintings and clothing forms from Elizabethan era historical documents.
The title is inspired by a poem written by Queen Elizabeth I.

Mural painting is 31 feet wide by 10 feet high in the main section.