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An installation at the Baltimore Museum of Art (2021 – 2022)

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Lauren Frances Adams is a painter and installation artist from North Carolina who resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Her works engage historical archives and the decorative arts.

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  • Forget-me-not / Spolia

    Included in the exhibition All Due Respect alongside artists Mequitta Ahuja, LaToya Hobbs, and Cindy Cheng https://artbma.org/exhibition/all-due-respect/ Wenesday, February 16, […]

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  • Crazy Quilt

    Crazy Quilt wallpaper installation at the

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  • Germinal

    The series of paintings on panel explore the recent removal of the Confederate monuments in Baltimore – and who put […]

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  • American Catastrophe Report

    American Catastrophe Report is an installation that acts as both homage and critique of the decorative frescoes in the United […]

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  • Trove/Trope

    An installation by O’Donnell Visiting Educator in Art Lauren Frances Adams, in conjunction with the Sheehan Gallery’s “Scenes and Types: […]

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  • Nymans House

    UNRAVELLING THE NATIONAL TRUST The Messel-Rosse family lived at Nymans House in the 19/20th centuries and were avid decorative arts […]

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