Group Exhibition at SideCar Gallery

EarthTwerks and other celestial familiars at SideCar Gallery in Hammond, Indiana November 15 – January 4, 2015 With EARTHTWERKS & Other Celestial Familiars, the collective of visual artists acts as curators, representing visual art trends across the United States and coming together under the conceptual rubric of the notion of heliograph. Embodying the communicative nature of the heliograph, a historic long-distance optical communication method for surveying and forest protection work, the exhibition at SideCar seeks to position each member’s practice in light of the networked nature of the group, despite the dispersed physical locations of each member.  As social and cultural space is shifting with the expansion of online accessibility the option to be portable and fluid becomes an alternative to wholesale relocation. The artists included in the show are: Lauren Frances Adams (MD), Eleanna Anagnos (NY), Joshua Bienko (TN), Clare Britt (IL), Eric Hibit (NY), Fritz Horstman(CT), Leeza Meksin (NY), Sheilah Wilson (OH), Zahar Vaks (NY), Christine Wong Yap (NY). SideCar Gallery can be found online at: The gallery is located at 411 Huehn Street, Hammond, Indiana, 46327.]]>

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